Our Actors

Russell Faillaci

Russ’s acting career began at Colorado State University where he learned that he did much better in acting classes than he did in business classes. After graduation, he moved to LA to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and soon discovered his love for improv comedy in small theaters around Hollywood.  He is proud to be co-owner and director of Madcap Theater.


Brian Harper

Brian has been a performer for most of his life.  Some of his more memorable moments are tap dancing in food courts in malls all across the front range, singing songs about wearing your seatbelt dressed as a bug, and causing a car accident while wearing only a sumo outfit on a commercial shoot.  Brian also likes to build model train sets, watch movies and has started wood working.  He really enjoys spending time with his wife, Renee, and their two boys because they are the only people who think he is at all cool.


Renee Ashe

Renee Ashe has been involved in the Performing Arts as long as she can remember. As a girl, she used to dress up her kitty cats and make them perform Shakespeare. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Theater Arts. It was then she began her improv training at Denver's Impulse Theater. In addition to being a core cast member of Madcap, Renee is a dancer, choreographer, director and wellness educator. Renee discovered that she truly is a hippie when she tried to grow her own sprouts and roots and forced her family and friends to eat flax seed chips. Along with her husband Brian Harper, they are proud parents of two adorable sons.


Nabih Saliba

Back when he used to have hair, Nabih spent quite a bit of his time yearning to be bald. Having fulfilled that dream, he set out to make a name for himself with improv comedy. Nabih soon rediscovered his love of acting while trying to convince his friends and family that the "dot com" bubble would never burst. Nabih now spends his time trying to convince people that bald is the new “pony tail.”


JT Wakefield

JT graduated from Colorado Christian University with a CIS degree. Officially, this meant “Computer Information Systems”, but to JT it meant “Computers Is Stupid.” After discovering his disdain for his chosen field, JT decided to take a job as a cart attendant at Target. There he discovered that, somehow, working on the bottom of the Target food chain wasn’t quite the life he was looking for either. He then decided to take a job selling legal addictive stimulants to people for exorbitant prices. JT found that working for “the green monster” was enjoyable, but not the career he’d always dreamed of growing old with. Finally, JT decided to try chasing his, self-dubbed, “silly dream” of acting and stumbled into a cast spot here at Madcap theater.


Zach Silver

Though he has the physique of a small, adolescent boy, Zach is actually an adult in his mid 40’s. Since starting at Madcap in 2006, he has finished his degree at MSU Denver, gotten hitched, and moved out of his parent’s basement. They say laughter is the best medicine and Zach fully believes that laughter can brighten spirits and heal wounds… which is helpful because he does not have health insurance. Zach has 1 dog, 1 cat, and 3 best friends.

mark 1.png

Mark Cianfichi

Mark has been a performer at Madcap Theater since 2006.  He recently ended his career as a middle school math teacher to pursue a medical degree at the University of Colorado-Denver. Mark firmly believes that students are the best teachers, so his job as a teacher was pretty easy.  Therefore, he’s chosen the endless challenge of improv comedy. Improv has indeed proven very challenging for him, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities for bathroom breaks whenever he’s on stage.


Arhur Hash

In 2007, the sky opened up and from the heavens was sent the greatest sound and lighting technician the world had ever known. Unfortunately he got lost and we had to hire Arthur. Arthur has been in the A/V business since the age of 11, and he is happy to be a part of Madcap as the technical director.


Matt Meyers

Matt was born with the gift of gab. He’s won over a dozen speech competitions in the past five years and he is a national champion elk caller (for reals, look him up on YouTube). Matt can lay down some sick beats and bust a freestyle like nobody’s business. He is a gentle giant and a true family man, dedicating his shows to his son. It’s rather surprising that Matt enjoys performing improv so much since he gets such a rush from writing corporate procedures all day. Talk about wild!


Joel Lutz

Joel is the longest tenured performer at Madcap.  For over six years Joel's talent and ability has put his fellow actors to shame. So much so, they locked him away so he would not overshadow their inferior prowess.  But finally on May 26, 2012, Joel broke free and unshackled his amazing talent, making the Madcap stage his domain. Everything you just read is a product of Joel's imagination and deep insecurity (well except for the date of May 26th, he really did start on that day). In reality, Joel works with computers!  He has never performed on stage, prior to being at Madcap. Seeing this rare combination of both absentee talent and fear of people, it simply made sense to add him to the cast.

Garrett Gilhooly

Garrett Gilhooly

Garrett graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater, with an emphasis in Costume Design and Acting. Improv became her passion in college when a group of her friends got together to give it a whirl, once realizing that improv was a type of theater that did not require any line memorization, she was sold. She has since performed in over 850 improv shows with Impulse Theater, and other improv troupes. Garrett is a part owner of Madcap Theater and is thrilled to bring some improv to the Northside!

Nicole Costello-Faillaci

Nicole Costello-Faillaci

Nicole began acting with a two year run as Dorothy at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As Dorothy, she had many pictures taken of her with many people, her favorite one being with David Hasselhoff. He’s dreamy. She then moved to Los Angeles to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It was in LA that she discovered her love for improv. Locally she has been in various productions at the Country Dinner Playhouse and the Boulder Dinner Theater and she is known for her outstanding performances at karaoke bars all across the country. She is very excited to be co-owner of Madcap Theater.

Brad Umbaugh

Brad first acted in a Christmas production- never before had a first-grader portrayed the role of "Background Pine Tree" with such emotion. His next stage appearances came on high school's "awkward teenager stage" and college's "confused about life stage." He eventually moved to Denver and caught the improv bug. He hopes you will forgive his many bad puns.