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This Madcap Fundraising package is a private Madcap improv performance exclusively for your guests. Not open to the public! Your organizations sells tickets to the show and chooses ANY TICKET PRICE!

EVERYTHING you make, you keep!

Included with the purchase of the package, your group will be granted complete  use of our spacious 155 seat theater.  You’re more than welcome to cater food and utilize our space for silent auctions or demonstrations.

Average Revenue: $3100


Purchase a block of tickets to our Thursday night public shows for a discounted price of $12 per ticket. Match our selling price of $18 or hike up the price (we won’t judge you). Again, ALL revenue you make, you keep!

Revenue: $540 | Per 30 Tickets


To request more information or book an event, please call our box office or contact us here.

Only valid for non-profit organizations.