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Article: "Quick-witted Family?"

Quick-witted Family?
Colorado Lifestyles, September 2007

Nestled in the heart of Westminster's Promenade, Madcap Theater has been entertaining audiences with quick-witted improv comedy suitable for all types of audiences for just over a year. The theater has already accumulated a fan base worthy of a comedy house many times its senior. As the buzz continues to build, Madcap is rapidly becoming one of Westminster's new hot spots.
When asked for the secret behind Madcap Theater's success, owner Russ Faillaci says, "It's the combination of audience interaction, clean content, unscripted dialogue, high production value and a talented cast of actors that makes every night a Madcap Theater completely unique and completely entertaining for audiences of any make up.  Everything we do at Madcap is totally unscripted and always different. The audience gives us suggestions and we create comedic scenes on the spot based on those suggestions. Our actors love what they do and the audience can definitely feel it." One aspect that really sets Madcap apart from other comedy venues is the fact that they consistently keep every show appropriate for all types of audiences. Profanity and crude content are always avoided creating an audience mix that can include families, staff outings. dates, church groups and many others. "This is has truly been a big key to our early success." says Russ.
In addtion to it's weekly improv shows, Madcap Theater offers additonal programs that have definitely addded to it's success. Improv workshops are offered to adults wanting to learn the art of improv. These classess are offered every six weeks and have been full every session since they started last August. Russ, the lead instructor for the workshops says, "Once people take one class they want t o keep taking more. It's very addictive."

Madcap Theater also offers private performances for large groups or company functions. These shows can be held at the theater or the show can be taken to almost any type of venue. "Becuase our show is  interactive, it adapts to any type of group making for a very entertaining and unforgettable evening for these special functions." Says Russ. 

Madcap also added children's programming this summer. They wrote and produced an original children's play titled 'The Backyard Treasure'. Russ explains, "This play is a mix of scripted dialogue and improv. The same plot is always followed but the kids are able to steer certain aspects of the show with their interaction. The kids love it and more importantly the parents love it! The interactive nature of the show was as equally entertaining for the parents as it was for the children." Madcap has also partnered with Mark Strivings, a Master Magician, who performs and hour long magic show every Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm. The show is fun for the whole family and has been attracting big audiences all summer long. "It's been a great addition to our theater." says Russ.

Madcap Theater has a simple menu that features sandwiches with names like "The Mad Gobbler" and a bar which serves soft drinks, beer and wine. The theater itself is clean, open and very roomy. Russ explains, "We definitley don't cram our patrons in like sardines. We want the whole experience to be pleasant one. From getting their tickets to the entertainment."  The next time you're looking for something to do in Westminster, be sure to check on Colorado's newest attraction: Madcap Theater.