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Improv Performance

Improv Performance is for those students who have completed the Improv Foundations workshop. This workshop will provide students the opportunity to combine the principles learned in Improv Foundations with actual improv games while preparing for a full production performance for friends and family. This four week session is spent drilling improv fundamentals and rehearsing the games that will be performed.

It's in the performance before a live audience that the students will fully appreciate the exhilaration and enjoyment improv has to offer. Given that the scenes performed are always changing and that every improv performance is unique, students can take this workshop as many times as they would like. This class meets 2 hours once a week for four weeks. Please call or email us to register.

All students will have free admission to any Madcap show during the four week session.

Next Class Begins:


Wednesdays 7:30pm-9:30pm
4 weeks

(sorry, cannot pro-rate for missed classes)